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Vild choker

Vild choker

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Choker with solid sterling silver plate on one side and handmade chain and toggle clasp on the other. 

This choker is made to order. Please measure using a soft tape measure around the base of your neck (that curved part between your neck and start of your shoulders, just above collar bones). The measurement one inch above your actual neck circumference will be the length of the choker on the first Round Chain Link. The second (at the end of the chain) Round Chain Link adds one inch to the chain’s length for a more relaxed fit.

E.g. if your neck has a circumference of 12-13 inches, select the 14 inch size. If it’s 13-14 inches, select 15 inch size, etc. 

  • Dimensions: Solid metal plate: 7mm wide x 1.9mm thick
  • Dimensions of chain: Oval links are 1.5mm thick. Round textured links are 2mm thick. 
  • Oxidised sterling silver
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