Ring Sizing

There are various ways to find your ring size at home. One important factor when finding your ring size is to think about your body temperature at the time you are measuring. When your hands are warm they tend to expand, and when it's colder your hands will shrink slightly. Although it wont affect you too much, your rings might feel a bit snug on a hot day than on a cooler one, so when you're measuring your finger, make sure you have a regular body temperature that day and avoid measuring when you are either very warm or cold.

You can purchase a ring sizer from us here. These are a great way to find your ring size easily, especially if a jeweller is not available.

Alternatively, you can measure the internal diameter of a ring you already wear and match these to the internal diameter measurements listed in the charts below. 

For wide rings (usually anything with a width of 1.5cm), take the measurement of the middle of your first knuckle on the desired finger (rather than measuring from the base of your knuckle like you would for a regular width ring).

The charts below show the measurements of each size in both UK and US sizing. If you know your size in a different country, you can use this chart to convert it. These are internationally recognised sizes, and we do our best to meet them when creating your ring. If your size is not listed in our drop-down menus when selecting your desired ring, simply choose the 'OTHER' option and enter your size into the 'Notes' at checkout.

International Size Conversions