Committed to slow fashion

Lyleu is designed and handcrafted by Sally Leung in her Sydney-based home studio, utilising a combination of traditonal silversmithing techniques and Lost Wax Casting.

Each piece is made to order to better ensure that you invest in something special; a thoughtfully produced item that will evolve with you.

Collections are released yearly or bienially, ensuring that there is time to develop designs that are intentional and aligned with a unique message.

Lyleu has always worked on a made-to-order basis so that each piece is not only made when it is needed, but also eliminates any waste from unsold stock.

When possible, we use materials that are sourced within Australia. Our sterling silver and gold jewellery components are from a Sydney-based refinery that have certified ethical and sustainable practices, and the casting house we work with is also based near Sydney CBD.

Reuse or recycle

Care and consideration have been taken when designing the packaging for your order.

We encourage repurposing of any boxes and materials that come with your order, e.g. using the post card as a bookmark or wall art, the shipping box to store small objects, jewellery boxes to store your pieces when travelling, etc.

Otherwise, most of the postage packaging (tissue, shipping box, cards) is recyclable - just cut away the wax seal on the top of the shipping box before you do so. We use either a cotton cord or satin ribbon to tie the package together inside the box which can also be reused.

If you do not wish to keep any jewellery boxes, please recycle the outer cardboard box and dispose of insert with regular garbage. Our ring box inserts are glued to the cardboard outer, so these cannot be recycled. Recycle the lid and dispose of the box base in regular garbage.

Orders are shipped in a compostable mailing bag made from 100% plant based materials, sourced from Hero Packaging who are an Australian supplier. If you have access to a compost bin at home or via a friend or neighbour, please cut the bag up and dispose of in the compost bin. The bags take about 3-4 months to break down. These bags will not compost in a regular garbage bin, but are made from plant matter rather than single use plastics which is far better for the environment. They can also be reused for sending packages as they have an extra seal which enables it to be used twice.