Pronounced: 'LEE-LU '
Each Lyleu piece is designed with the intention to become an heirloom. Drawing from experiences of the past, it hopes to become deeply sentimental to its owner through time. Inspired by the cyclical nature of life and death in all things, each Lyleu piece takes aesthetic influence from ancient relics and the way they evolve through human touch.

Lyleu encourages thoughtful consumption and does not operate on a seasonal basis. New collections are released yearly and are here to stay for years rather than months. They are made to order in your size to ensure that you get the most out of your piece.

Lyleu is designed and handcrafted by Sally Leung in Sydney, Australia.
Sally was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Sydney with her parents when she was a year old. A childhood love for horror movies that drove a lifelong interest in the darker side of nature, is what forms the basis of aesthetic and thematic inspiration for each piece. Each collection is emotionally driven and progresses as Sally's skills and world views evolve. Jewellery as a choice of medium is part of a conscious effort to remember life's moments, whether pivotal or mundane.