Artist profile

Sally (she/her) is a first generation Chinese-Australian contemporary jeweller residing on Gadigal land (Sydney, Australia).

A childhood love for horror movies that drove a lifelong interest in the darker side of nature is what forms the basis of aesthetic and thematic inspiration for each piece. Each collection is emotionally driven and progresses as Sally's skills and world views evolve. Jewellery as a choice of medium is part of a conscious effort to remember life's moments, whether pivotal or mundane.

Sally's jewellery education began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in jewellery from the Univerisity of New South Wales College of Art & Design, completed in 2012. After establishing Lyleu in 2014 and working for various small jewellery labels over the years, Sally desired to improve her skills futher, and returned to tertiary education at the Design Centre Enmore for a Certificate 3 in Jewellery Manufacture, completed in 2017.

How to pronounce Lyleu

Lyleu is pronounced 'lee-lu'.

The name is an amalgamation of Sally's full name with the 'sal' and 'ng' removed from the beginning and end.

The decision to use this name is to create a semi-eponymous brand without any pre-existing gender, social or historical associations, allowing the brand to evolve in whatever direction it needs to over time.