Wear and Care

Most silver and gold jewellery can tolerate light hand soaps without damage. However, different finishes and materials will need different types of care in order to prolong their condition.

We always recommend removing any jewellery when showering, swimming, exercising, cleaning, or doing any other activity that could damage the jewellery, and keep them away from direct sunlight or heat to prevent warping.

Polished silver and gold

General daily wear and contact with water and mild hand soaps will give sterling silver and gold jewellery a natural shine. For a more intense shine, jewellery polishing cloth can also be used to give your pieces a new life. 

A jewellery polishing cloth is included with your order, which can be used again and again to make your jewellery shine like new. To use the polishing cloth, simple give your piece a rub as if you are generally cleaning it, and you will notice the metal become shinier. The amount of shine will depend on how much you rub at the metal, so please do so in increments until you have reached your desired polish. Wash any polishing compound off your hands as soon as possible after you are finished.

Oxidised silver

Oxidisation is the process of blackening silver by use of a solution called Liver of Sulfur. After applying this treatment, we coat the jewellery with a thin layer of beeswax to give it a light polish and protection. That being said, it is a surface treatment only, and will wear away over time depending on how often it is worn or in contact with another surface - it is not a sign of a faulty product. Typically, jewellery that has more contact with other surfaces will see oxidisation wear away faster - for example rings and bracelets will fade faster than pendants and earrings.

To ensure that the treatment is prolonged, remove oxidised jewellery when in contact with liquids or rough surfaces. We personally like to see our jewellery worn and change over time, but also understand if you would prefer to have the treatment reapplied. If so, please contact us and this can be done with a nominal fee.

We do not recommend using polishing cloth on oxidised silver items if the item is intended to stay blackened for as long as possible, as the polishing cloth will wipe away the oxidisation. However, once your piece has naturally worn away its oxidised finish, giving the exposed sterling silver a polish with the cloth is recommended if you want an elegant yet antique look to your jewellery.