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Judith & Holofernes necklace

Judith & Holofernes necklace

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From Lyleu Reliquary Volume I, inspired by the story of Judith and Holofernes, the charms are a representation of the severed head of Holofernes and the design of the sword is based off of the painting by Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi.

  • Necklace has an extra hanging chain of 2.2cm long for the Judith sword charm.
  • Pendant dimensions: Judith: 3cm L x 1.3cm W x 0.4cm D. Holofernes: 1.5cm L x 0.8cm W x 0.8cm D
  • Chain is 2.1mm wide.

The Lyleu Reliquary is an ongoing project to honour the objects and art that spark my creative process. Released as pairs, each pendant is part of its own mini-collection with a theme that either corresponds with the main collection released that same year, or relates to the core of my inspirations. Naming this range a Reliquary is a play on my interest in relics and the representation of memory through our most treasured objects. 

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