The main inspiration behind this collection is a combination of my favourite words 'blood and fire, fire and ash'. This phrase conjures for me an image of the cyclical nature of life and death, of humanity, of things coming to a close and beginning in a different place.

SANGUINE was created during a tumultuous year for the world, where it often felt that so much was happening in the outside world, yet most of us were sitting at home. Lockdown has changed many of us, helped to humble many people and to see how important connection can be. The isolation also helped us to discover what our real strengths and weaknesses are - our priorities changed and so did our ability to withstand loneliness. 

It's with this feeling of wanting to reach out yet also wanting to recline into our own mind and body that became the drive behind this collection. I wanted each piece to be a small note to love and care for ourselves and the people we love most, to have compassion for others because we may not always know what's going on in another's life. 

Sanguine is the latin word meaning 'blood', but in English it means anything from cheerful, positive or jovial, especially during difficult circumstances. These sentiments combined are the essence of each piece.

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