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Somnium necklace

Somnium necklace

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The Somnium necklace features independent spike and oval pendants that are connected on top of one another, enabling movement of all elements of the necklace. The pendants have deeply engraved textures and are handmade.

Somnium is latin for 'dream'.

Necklace length: 29cm
Full chain length: 50cm

Oxidised: Oxidised pieces are blackened and sanded back slightly to reveal edges and other highlights. The oxidisation will wear away over time, revealing the natural silver underneath. The rate to which this happens depends on where the piece is worn - e.g. oxidisation on earrings will last longer than rings. The finish can be reapplied upon request, if desired.

Polished: The polished silver finish has a medium shine with some minor oxidisation in the textures and details. We polish with a brass brush and polishing cloth to bring out a more natural shine.

Please allow 5-10 days for production before dispatch.

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