HEAVENWARD is an exploration of the creation of symbols and mythology. I have always enjoyed creating my own meaning for a piece of jewellery by repurposing existing symbolic images and ideas. In every collection I have looked to animals, plants and our landscape for inspiration.

Although I do not identify with any particular religion and have always considered my beliefs to be aligned with Agnostic Atheism, there are times where events have occurred or unfolded in a way that feels strangely tied to a pattern and in those moments I have questioned whether there was a higher reason for that situation to occur. It’s this feeling that I am always led back to this fascination with the human need for connection with things that are beyond our physical world, even when it comes to creating simple symbols connected to plants or animals to romanticise the things we do for ourselves and each other. Tulips symbolise deep eternal love, Vultures symbolise impending death and power. At the end of the day, anything can mean whatever you need it to mean as long as you believe it to be true.

That being said, I love reading about mythology, spirituality and religion because I enjoy learning about what gives others purpose, resolution and hope. I'm interested in seeing the varying degree that people believe in something over the course of centuries and how it has motivated action.

‘Heavenward’ can mean to look up toward heaven, or it can simply mean to look upward. The name of this collection isn't a nod to any belief in a higher place, but in our own personal ideas of what heaven could be or even where we each could be looking upward from.

HEAVENWARD is a collection of pieces that pay homage to these ideas. There are flowers, filigree, animals and messages that are made to give the wearer their own idea of hope or purpose. Jewellery will change and adapt to how you wear and treat it, as will the memories you might grow to associate with that piece.

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